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Measuring Progress


How will the school know how my child is doing?


We will be aware of how your child is doing through:

• Measuring children’s progress against age related expectations

• Data tracking

• Standardised assessments e.g. reading/spelling ages

• Pupil Progress meetings

• Monitoring and evaluation e.g. Lesson observations/book scans

• Pupil/parent feedback

• Pupil Passport reviews

• Annual Reviews (EHC)


How I know how my child is doing?

You will know how your child is doing through:

• Termly Parents Evenings

• Informal meetings with Class Teachers

• Communication through Class Dojo

• Pupil Passport Reviews

• EHC Plan Annual Reviews

• Meetings with SENCO/ Educational Psychologist

• Written report at the end of the academic year

• Certificates and praise postcards

The class teacher and SENCO will regularly monitor the impact of the provision through assessment and conversations with the child and teacher. 

You are welcome to make an appointment to meet with the class teacher or SENCo to discuss your child’s progress 

Providing Support


How will you help me to support  my child’s learning?


We will help you to support your child’s learning through:

• Regular communication

• Providing advice and support

• Sharing of strategies/resources

• Parent courses

• Home learning and reading

• Target setting e.g. Parents evenings/Pupil Passports/Annual Reviews (EHC)

• The school website

• Meetings with external agencies



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