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Supporting Children


How will the school staff support my child?


Your child will be supported in a variety of ways including:

• Quality first teaching

• Additional support & group work

• Outside agency support

• Specialist provision

• Outreach – support from specialist schools

• Evidence-based interventions

• Pupil passports

• Parental involvement

• Individual risk assessments

• Care plans

• EHC (Education, Health and Care) Plan





How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

We aim to provide an inclusive, creative, child-led curriculum that will equip children to be successful in life. We have high expectations of all children regardless of their need.


We make the following adaptations to ensure all children’s needs are met:

•Differentiating our curriculum to ensure all pupils are able to access it, for example, by grouping, 1:1 work, teaching style, content of the lesson, etc.

•Adapting our resources and staffing

•Using recommended aids, such as laptops, coloured overlays, visual timetables, larger font, etc.

•Differentiating our teaching, for example, giving longer processing times, pre-teaching of key vocabulary, reading instructions aloud, etc.

•Some children will receive catch up programmes or extra support for literacy and numeracy

•Intervention strategies and additional support can address a range of needs for example: Speech and Language, Fine and Gross Motor difficulties and Social skills

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