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Physical Education at Saint Nathaniel's Academy is fun, energetic and inspirational for all of the children!



The children at our school experience a variety of different sports throughout the curriculum and enrichment opportunities. The children receive at least two hours of Physical Education every week as part of their curriculum time. The children participate in a vast range of sporting activities with our full time sports company Port Vale.
Children have gymnastics lessons at the Stoke on Trent Gymnastic Centre and swimming lessons with the expectation that they can swim a length by the time they leave us in Year 6.


The school provides the children with the opportunity to experience many sports after school, from a range of after school clubs that are provided in KS1 and KS2. All staff here at Saint Nathaniel’s Academy help in providing additional after school clubs enabling children a wide choice of enrichment opportunities.  The school football team competes in competition football with some children representing professional football Academies.  


Allocation and School Priorities

All primary schools receive an additional yearly PE Premium grant from the Government.  This extra funding is intended to heighten the effectiveness of PE provision in schools, and it is at the school's discretion as to how the additional funding is spent.



Effective use of the funding from the government has allowed the school to vastly improve the facilities and opportunities available to the children. As a school, we have always maintained a good participation rate throughout PE in school. This has been further enhanced by the purchase of new equipment. The combination of new equipment, and the employment of a full time sports coach means that PE is inclusive and enjoyable to all children from FS1 to Year 6. 


Children enjoy representing the school in various sporting teams and when they do, they perform exceptionally well. The development of teaching in learning in PE lessons means that pupils now participate in lessons that seek to improve their progress through a variety of sporting activities. Regular assessments and informed feedback has meant that children know how to make rapid progress. This has had a knock on effect on learning across the curriculum and means that students now make links across the school into classrooms. Saint Nathaniel’s promotes good cross curricular links showing children that consistency and excellence needs to be through all subjects.

The PE funding has allowed the school to join the open network which has provided many CPD courses to develop and consolidate staff subject knowledge, which would have been costly and hard to find. We have a calendar of events for the whole of the year, putting on competitions and events that provide fun and enjoyment across the city throughout the year. We have great links with the local secondary school and have been fortunate to have taster sessions to aid transition.


The local secondary school allocate sports leaders who assist our staff during after school clubs in dance and athletic clubs.

The school now provides alternative sporting activities, both during curricular, and extra-curricular time. We have formed very strong links with Port Vale Football Club and have attended workshops on healthy eating, diet and nutrition and exercise importance. We also have Port Vale Education attending school with cross-curricular Maths workshops taking place. Children are very enthusiastic about the chance to join a club that looks at their own diet and fitness levels promoting a healthy lifestyle. 


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