Senior Leadership Team

Mrs R Patrick - Principal

Miss C Wright - Vice Principal

Ms L Clarke- Assistant Principal / Senco

Mr A Bowler - Assistant Principal / KS1

Mr M Field- Assistant Principal / LKS2

Miss E Price - Assistant Principal / UKS2

Miss H Pyatt - EYFS Lead

Mrs T Robinson - Safeguard Lead 



Mrs D Nixon - Nursery Teacher

Mrs J Tomkinson - Reception Teacher

Miss H Pyatt - Reception Teacher

Miss Z Bowyer - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs L Whitehall - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs A Besford- Year 2 Teacher

Mrs E Twigg - Year 2 Teacher

Mr A Bowler - Year 2 Teacher

Miss E Street - Year 3 Teacher

Mr M Field - Year 3 Teacher

Mr C Wood - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs E Shaw - Year 4 Teacher

Mr T Groves - Year 5 Teacher

Mr D Young - Year 5 Teacher

Mr J Rowley - Year 6 Teacher

Miss E Price - Year 6 Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs W Bithell

Mrs K Clack

Mrs J Parker

Mr I Stockton

Mrs A Bailey

Mrs J Butler

Mrs H Gilmore

Mrs L Jackson

Miss M Killeen

Mrs S Lancaster

Mrs E Johnson

Mrs C Rowe

Mrs B Evans

Mrs J Gregory

Miss D Fogarty

Miss H Tranter

Mrs V Smith

Miss L Tomkinson

Mrs J Hoskins

Mr K King

Miss K Finnemore

Mrs D Goodwin

Mrs M Henshall

Miss H Burlace-Colquhoun

Miss S Holford

Mr S Harvey

Ms K Danek

Office Staff

Mrs D Mapledoram – Office Manager

Miss J Minor – Clerical Assistant    

Office staff are the first point of contact for parents and members of the public.

Supervisory Assistants 

Mrs B Evans

Miss C Smith

Mrs H Alom

Mrs D Kelsall

Mrs N Shahbaz

Miss V Mountford

Miss N Wootton

Mrs R Miah

Mrs S Malik

Mrs R Ashraf

Mrs T Beresford

Miss J Gayle

Miss N Hughes


Squirrel Lodge Staff

Mrs S Trow

Miss K Clark

Pre-School Staff

Miss K Clark - Pre-School Practitioner

Miss K Pearce - Pre-School Practitioner

Mrs C Salt - Pre-School Practitioner

Mrs S Trow - Pre-School Practitioner

School Direct Students




Saint Nathaniel's Academy is operated by St Bart’s Multi Academy Trust which is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales with company number 8735454. Registered Office: Belgrave St Bartholomews Academy, Sussex Place, Stoke On Trent, Staffordshire, ST3 4TP

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