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Our Churches

Reverand Shell_edited.jpg

Reverend Shell

Priest in Charge of St Paul's Burslem

Honorary Assistant Priest at St Giles      Newcastle-under-Lyme

Rev Ruth Jeffries.png

Reverend Ruth

Minister at Swan Bank Church Burslem

Minister at The Village Church, Brindley Ford 

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Our Principles
Our aims and values are firmly based on Christian principles and in particular we wish to promote racial harmony and social cohesion in our local community.

We are a growing church which means we seek to grow in faith, in our relationship with Jesus and in our understanding of what it means to be followers of Jesus – this is really important to SwanBank.

We grow too in opportunities to be active in our local community and the wider world.

We hope and pray that you will feel very welcome at SwanBank.

St Paul's Burslem.jpg

St Paul's Church

We work in partnership with St Paul's Church and Swan Bank Church.

St Paul's Church

Swan Bank Church

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